Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the main questions that new clients ask before we start working together.

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The importance of questions.

Embarking on putting together a new website for your business can be a stressful time. Let’s face it; your website is often the only visual interaction a customer will have with your business. It is essential that you have total confidence in the partnership you choose to take you through this process. So please ask as many questions as you like. The more you ask, the better we get to know you and understand where you are coming from and where you want to go.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to set up a new website with you?

Every website is different. We have a three-step process. Firstly we audit what you currently have in terms of digital marketing and make a plan. Then we develop the site according to that plan, and finally, after we launch the site, we go about getting it ranked in search engines and tweak the site, so it is working at its full potential. To launch usually takes between six and eight weeks. However, complex websites can take a great deal longer.

Can you update our current website?

It depends a great deal on the technology behind your current site. Our systems a based on a particular set of technical specifications that we know work and can get results. Massaging an existing website to fit these is often more time-consuming than starting from scratch.However, we often use or repurpose relevant content from your existing website.

Will I lose all the search engine rankings we have built up with a new site?

No, we plan to build on those, not lose them. As part of the audit process, we record your current rankings in search engines for the keywords that your target market uses; they become our target keywords.

Can I use the same domain name for the new site?

Yes, of course, this is very important. We try and keep as many of your current page addresses the same as well. So sites linking to you will not be interrupted. We will redirect page addresses we need to change to the relevant page on your new website. All this is recorded and planned for in the first stage of the process.

What happens to our current website?

Once we have launched your new website, your old site will disappear from the web. We recommend you keep it on the server for a few months so we can refer back to it if we need to.

Do you Host the new website?

Yes, hosting is a critical part of the process, so we insist on hosting all the websites we develop. All our sites are hosted on very secure servers in Sydney.

How secure will my website be?

Security can never be guaranteed. Having said that, we do everything we reasonably can to ensure your site is secure. Your site is backed up in full at least once a day, so in the event of corruption, we can fully restore to a previous backup.

Do I have administrative access to the new site?

Yes. We encourage clients to get involved and take ownership of their sites. We limit access to content areas rather than the entire technical backend; through experience, this reduces the chances of a client inadvertently breaking the site to a minimum!

What happens to the site if we no longer want to work with you?

We will be sad to see you go. Your website belongs to you; the content is all your copyright. If you want to move on, then, of course, we will give you full access to transfer the entire site onto a new hosting server. Once it is moved and up and running, we will delete the copy of your website from our servers after three months.